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Private Fees

As with everything we do, we believe in being honest and upfront through every stage of your treatment journey with us. As a team we are proud of our fees as they represent excellent value for the investment you make in your oral health. They are set so that we can maintain the quality and service that our valued patients have come to expect of us.

Please find below a guide to our fees for our most common private dental treatments:

Examination Fee
Initial Consultation/ Emergency Visit (UNDER 18 £35.00) £70.00
Routine Dental Examination £50.00
Digital X-rays £12.00 each
Hygiene Fee
Standard Hygienist Visit From £55.00
Advanced Hygienist Visit £90.00
Airflow Appointment with Hygienist £70.00
Scale & Polish with Dentist £50.00
Composite (Tooth-Coloured) Filling Fee
1 Surface £120.00
2 Surfaces £140.00
3 Surfaces £170.00
Amalgam Filing Fee
1 Surface £90.00
2 Surfaces £105.00
3 Surfaces £125.00
Root Canal Treatment Fee
Incisor/ Canine Tooth From £250.00
Pre-Molar Tooth From £325.00
Molar Tooth From £400.00
Indirect Restorations Fee
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crowns £520.00
Full Porcelain Crown (EMAX) £620.00
Bridges From £520.00 per unit
Veneers From £550.00 per unit
Extractions Fee
Incisor/ Canine Tooth £100.00
Premolar Tooth £130.00
Molar Tooth £150.00
Surgical Extractions £235.00
Dentures Fee
Repair of Broken Denture £50.00
Acrylic Denture (Full - Per Arch) £495.00
Partial Acrylic Denture (Upper or Lower) £395.00
Chrome Denture £550.00
Gum Shields Fee
Gum Shield (Single Colour*) £85.00
*Extra Colours on Gum Shield £10 Extra per Colour
Retainers Fee
Removable Retainer £90.00 per arch
Fixed Retainer £150.00 per arch
Dental Implants Fee
Dental Implant From £2,400
Teeth Whitening (Only available upon request) Fee
Phillips Nitewhite/ Daywhite Whitening £350.00
Boutique Day/night Whitening £350.00
Invisalign Fee
Invisalign - Including Teeth Whitening £1,500.00 - £4,700.00
Facial Aesthetics Fee
Anti-wrinkle treatment (Botulinum toxin & Dermal Fillers)   From £150.00

Patient Finance is available (subject to status) to help you to spread the cost of your treatment. Please click here for further details »

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